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Medical Billing and Credentialing-Understanding the Medical Billing Errors and Patient Rights

By far and large, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, estimates have it that close to 52% of all debt listed on credit reports is a result of errors in medical billing. As a medical practice, a clinic or urgent care clinic, you know for sure that when a consumer receives a bad charge on their cards as a result of a medical billing error, then the result is in a black mark on your particular practice and they may not be as willing to have an experience another time with your practice. By the way, this is not something to be taken lightly by any medical practice for the effects can be so cyclic and at the end of the day, if not handled well, may only mean running out of business.

By the way, medical billing errors happens to be one of the things that is costing American consumers millions of dollars annually and as a matter of fact, resolving these errors can be so lengthy and a tricky process to say but the least. It is looking at these facts that we see the need to ever ensure that the bills your practice sends out to patients is correct and free of any errors.

In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the common medical billing errors common to most medical practices and just how you can actually get to resolve some of these common medical billing errors with the help of the services of the medical billing and credentialing companies. Check this post out to the end for more on these.

The first of these we will take a look at are the ones that would be generally classified as the “common errors”. These can be as from the simple things such as duplicate charges or an incorrect quantification of the services rendered, cases of canceled items which happened not to have been removed from the bill. In most cases, the default patient medical bills happen to be rather vague in their descriptions of the particular services rendered and as such patients will request for an itemized version of the bills which is as replete as can be with the medical service codes that they can then use to look them up on the payers’ websites such as Medicaid and Medicare.

One other error that is so likely to affect your medical bills to patients as a medical practice are the surprise balance errors. Generally speaking, when it comes to this, note the fact that balance billing is quite a normal occurrence in the event that as a consumer you received your treatments outside of your normal healthcare network. It is generally advisable to work with a medical billing company to help you avoid such kinds of medical billing errors on the bills that you get to send out to your consumers or clients as a medical practice.

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